Please meet master Alan Chong. It is my good fortune to meet and study under the guidance of Master Alan. Master Alan is a proud 5th generation disciple from the Tan Yang Wu School based in Malaysia.

He was under the guidance of Master Francis Leyau, whom has been conducting Feng Shui class and Feng Shui consultation since 1984 in Malaysia.

It was Master Alan’s in-depth knowledge in Feng Shui and Bazi that compelled me to study under him. In addition to his gifted potential in Chinese Metaphysics, he also demonstrated his integrity in upholding the correct way in practising Feng Shui.

In my opinion, this is the “Mentor and Disciple” spirit. Both the teacher and student stay true to the principal in correctly preserving and transmitting true knowledge to the world.

Aside from teaching true Feng Shui to the world, master Alan became an expert for his renowned practice in helping many clients to regain balance and hope from previously been misguided and mislead by non-qualified masters. Alan’s remarkable contribution in helping and guiding people back on track from bad Feng Shui has restored hope for many.

Master Alan, once again, I can’t express enough how much it means to me to learn the correct teaching of Feng Shui. With my acquired knowledge from you through our solid lineage, I am hopeful that I can make a difference, just like you. 

Thank you!

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