We have entered into an era which abundant Feng Shui information becomes highly accessible. The question is, are these easily accessible information entail to be practical and applicable to our daily life?

Essentially, Feng Shui existed thousands of years ago from China, used to promote harmony between living beings and its environment.

It is vitally important that your source of Feng Shui information and guidance is reliable and upholds the true way in practicing Feng Shui that was meant to be practiced.

There is no doubt that the true aspect of Feng Shui whether it’s pointing to the theory or application, has been diversified and altered over the centuries by many people. Furthermore, if the source of Feng Shui information came from a non lineage school or teacher, chances are, there is no proven system that its theories and applications were backed by their master or school.

The true aspect of Feng Shui is not meant to incorporate culture and religious beliefs. This divine art is like science: the study of energy, space, and time, by using one of its powerful systems ( Xuan Kong Flying Star) to calculate the types of energy that prevails in one’s environment and how the energy can affect people.

Below are some (not all) the most common Feng Shui myths and by far, the most delusional Feng Shui myths that is considered a disgrace to the Art of Feng Shui. I trusted, that you are a wise individual always protected by good fortune to meet the truth for your happiness.

The Most Delusional Feng Shui Myths

  • A tree in front of your door

  • A pole in front of your door

  • Stair in front of your door

  • Toilet right above your front door

  • No mirror reflecting you while sleeping

  • Conjunction in front of your door

  • Do not live in a corner house

  • Pie shape lot will create killing qi

  • Mattress must be in one piece

  • Object placement to attract good Feng Shui

  • Don’t live in a house that has an underground garage

  • Colours has influence in your daily life

  • House with number 4 or 7 is no good

  • Do not stay or work in an area that has bad qi

  • Before moving into a house, it’s mandatory to perform rituals

  • Carry your favorable animal amulet for good luck

All the above have NO relationship with true Feng Shui. The true art of Feng Shui is based on the study of energy, time, space and landform. I strongly encourage you to demystify any myths that you are accustomed to and it is time to set yourself free.

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