The Process of My Complete Feng Shui consultation :

  • I will need to be physically present in your space to obtain a physical view of your spaces layout in order for me to identify the types of internal energies of your space. Be it your home, office or business.
  • I will need to study the external view of your external surroundings / land formation to know how the layer of this external energies can support or afflict your internal energies.
  • I will need to gather the date of birth of you and your family to provide a thorough understanding of whether or not it’s only bad Feng Shui that is the cause of any unwanted situation. This special reading is called “Destiny Reading “ based on the year, month, day, and time of birth to give an important layer of information for me to ensure that all recommendations are unique to the individual.
  • Once the identification of the internal and external energies are determined, I will then suggest the most appropriate recommendations in regards to how to take advantage of or harness the good and auspicious energies to improve your luck, improve your health, finance and relationships with people in general. At the same time, I will also guide you to how to avoid or mitigate the negative energies so that you and your family can reduce or avoid the negative effects of bad Feng Shui.
  • Once all the information above are obtained, I will carefully study it and provide you a thorough written report within one to two business days. In addition, I will need to sit down with you to explain my detailed report so that you have a full and clear understanding as to where you and your family stands from the Feng Shui perspective.

Please note, in order for me to obtain all the above important information to study the energies of your space and guide you to achieve GOOD FENG SHUI, I need to have a full spectrum view of your internal and external surroundings in order for me to provide you the most accurate recommendations possible.

Full consultation rates are based on the square footage of your space.

Please email me at  or call me at (647) 667-1848