I am delighted to be able to share that Master Alan Chong from Malaysia is a top pick to teach the true principles of Feng Shui and Destiny Reading in the 21st century.

It is vital to learn the correct teachings through the right teacher, rather than later discover your endeavor is not correct.

Master Alan’s teachings are in exact accord and alignment with how Feng Shui and Destiny Readings are meant to be practiced.

If you are serious in looking for ways to improve and transform your life, learning how the Feng Shui energies from your environment impacts health, relationships, and finances is the most valuable investment you can make!

Destiny Readings enables one to understand and foresee what circumstances are coming  and simultaneously map out one’s current circumstances.

The two noble arts, Feng Shui and Destiny Readings, have proven over and over to lead people from all walks of life to harmony and transform undergone adversities into realms of peace and prosperity. Based on the wisdom of ancient Chinese philosophers from thousands of years ago, it is said that “First is destiny, second is human luck and third is Feng Shui, while the subsequent ones lies on one’s human action.”

I am living proof  that the utilization of  Feng Shui principles can change and minimize the negative impacts on my weak health and relationship disharmony to experience joy and inner peace.

Understanding and knowing how to read my own destiny has enabled me to manage  and turn my unfortunate circumstances into mission.

No living beings without exception are problem-free, but the fact of the matter is that  we have to transform our karma in order to be peaceful and happy.

Your own destiny chart holds all the information of what karma you have, and the second source that impacts your destiny is the Feng Shui energies from your environment. Feng Shui is the game changer that will transform some of the obstacles to opportunities.

Below is a short video by Master Alan on how he teaches one to learn the art of Destiny Reading.

I hope you will enjoy the video and for further information and questions, please contact Helen Wu @ (647) 667-1848 or email me @