What is feng shui?

This is a simple question, but yet, the answer can be deep and complex. Today, in modern times, Feng Shui is no stranger to people from all walks of life. In fact, Feng Shui has become a staple practice in most people’s daily lives.

To cover an in-depth understanding of Feng Shui in a single paragraph is just like asking a young child to grasp the true meaning of life. At the same time, I will do my best to put this ancient art in perspective, so that everyone can gain a fundamental understanding of Feng Shui and apply it to their advantage.

Feng Shui is an ancient art with thousands of years of ancient wisdom based on the study of energy, landform, space and time.

  • The study of energy is referred to the types of energies that permeates or circulate in the air.

  • The study of landform is referred to mountain range and water.

  • The study of space is referred to your living space, office, workplace, or any given space that you spend great amount of time everyday.

  • The study of time is the determined factor for an event to occur or to take place.

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Understanding Feng Shui from a fundamental level

Subsequently, together from this collective information based on the synergy of landform, space, time and energy, it entails a summary of outcomes for a particular area. Furthermore, the advantage of knowing these synergies is that Feng Shui can be applied to take control or direct the energies to achieve balance.

From the study of science, planet earth is the embodiment of all energies, so by default, every space whether it is a house, a high rise building, an office etc… contains or bears the energies of planet earth.

Understanding Feng Shui from a fundamental level enables us to concentrate on the root cause of a situation rather than on irrelevant object placement remedies. Object placement is strictly a cultural and religious beliefs. For instance, placing a Ba Gua mirror at the front door of a house will NOT able to counter nature’s energy.

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