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Feng Shui Courses in Malaysia


Find your desired Feng Shui course(s) here in this page. All courses are held in Malaysia and backed by proven knowledge. This is important because a lousy doctor will kill a patient but a lousy Feng Shui master can kill the entire generation. This is to emphasize the importance of acquiring true knowledge. Whether

Feng Shui Courses in Malaysia2018-08-22T08:28:56-04:00

Why Destiny Reading is a Road Map?


Destiny Reading is regarded as a crucial system to those who have used it and have implemented it in their life. Why? The answer is very simple: those who have used the system tend to perceive it as a tool to ease anxiety, worries and stress. Life itself is mystic, and for most

Why Destiny Reading is a Road Map?2018-01-24T18:49:46-04:00

Happy New Year 2018


Happy New Year Wishing you and your family an absolute victorious, healthy and joyful 2018! 2018 – Earth Dog It is a brand New Year with new opportunities, new aspirations, and more importantly, NEW LUCK! For the year of 2018, the energy is of the EARTH DOG according to Chinese Astrology, which means

Happy New Year 20182017-12-29T11:17:40-04:00

Feng Shui Home


Avoiding Bad Feng Shui From The Start : To avoid Bad Feng Shui, the most fundamental step one should be taking is to consult with a Feng Shui consultant to provide Feng Shui energy details of the to-be-own property before in committing into a purchase or a long-term leasing commitment. Taking this proactive step

Feng Shui Home2017-11-12T12:32:13-04:00

Consultation Process


The Process of My Complete Feng Shui consultation :I will need to be physically present in your space to obtain a physical view of your spaces layout in order for me to identify the types of internal energies of your space. Be it your home, office or business.I will need to study the external view

Consultation Process2017-11-12T12:31:47-04:00

Feng Shui myths


We have entered into an era which abundant Feng Shui information becomes highly accessible. The question is, are these easily accessible information entail to be practical and applicable to our daily life?Essentially, Feng Shui existed thousands of years ago from China, used to promote harmony between living beings and its environment.It is vitally important that

Feng Shui myths2017-10-23T11:55:22-04:00

Customer Testimonial


It is my honour and privilege to be able to make a difference to society. Below is an experience from a client, whom truly appreciated the Art of Feng Shui for its dynamic in changing deadlock into hope. Before applying the Feng Shui application, this client was suffering from constant headaches and

Customer Testimonial2017-10-04T02:43:33-04:00

Master Alan Chong


Please meet master Alan Chong. It is my good fortune to meet and study under the guidance of Master Alan. Master Alan is a proud 5th generation disciple from the Tan Yang Wu School based in Malaysia. He was under the guidance of Master Francis Leyau, whom has been conducting Feng Shui class

Master Alan Chong2017-10-17T11:20:47-04:00

Happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity


Congratulations, your search for a reliable authentic Feng Shui Consultant has led you to my website, I sincerely welcome you! At Helen Feng Shui Office, my priority focus is to promote and deliver happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity through the Art of Feng Shui. My mission is to make a difference in the

Happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity2018-01-24T18:56:37-04:00

Welcome to Helen Feng Shui Office!


Welcome, your search for a reliable authentic Feng Shui Consultant has led you to my website. I sincerely welcome you! As a competent Feng Shui Consultant, my first priority and focus is to provide authentic, realistic, and down-to-earth Feng Shui approach to all my clients from all walks of life. You may wondering why

Welcome to Helen Feng Shui Office!2017-12-05T22:06:53-04:00
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