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Achieving good Feng Shui literally means to utilize or harness the innate energies from planet earth. As the yin and yang theory explains, in any given situation there is always a good and a bad side. This law of polarity also applies to Feng Shui. When there is good energy, at the same time there is also bad energy.

Without the in-depth knowledge of true Feng Shui, one simply does not know how to direct and harness energies. Therefore, a good competent Feng Shui Consultant with in-depth knowledge is needed to provide life-changing guidance to balance the energies of any given space is a must.

Yes, Feng Shui can seem confusing because of different Feng Shui schools of thought. Once you have decided on a school based on science or cultural than it should get easier. In my school “Central Academy Feng Shui” we focus on Timing, Location and Direction. Our school DO NOT encourage on object placement, no cultural ritual beliefs, no talisman used.

Good for you, the art of Feng Shui contains divine knowledge that can transform a person’s destiny. I do encourage you to learn this art for your own protection and prosperity. However, only “Central Academy Feng Shui “ in Malaysia is the only school that teaches and stay true to Feng Shui. By far, there are No school and Masters in North America upholds this true philosophy of Feng Shui. In fact, there are masters in North America learned this art from Central Academy and mixed & matched the theories. If one is serious about learning the art of true Feng Shui, one may study under Master Alan Chong in Malaysia. Master Alan is one of the successor from “Central Academy of Feng Shui” and by far, the only few Master stay true to art of Feng Shui.

This is a great question and the best time is now! Prevention is the cure. The earth’s energies are always in a state of flux, so don’t wait until situation(s) gets out of control. My master Alan Chong, always encourages people to “Be proactive before it is too late and too messy to handle “. Every living being deserves to be HAPPY and PROSPEROUS, our naked-eyes can not see nor smell the energies, but we can definitely take control of it to your advantage through Feng Shui.

The right Feng Shui application or approach can be powerful. The degree of effectiveness truly relies on how diligent and committed one is on following the recommendations. Each space is different but once the recommendation(s) are in placed, one should experience a trend of stability. Good Feng Shui effects should not be short-term but staple.

This is a great question. My charging fee is based on the size of the space. My fees are reasonable and affordable with 24/7 supports via email or mobile  ☏

My question to you is “How much will it cost you down the road if you leave matters as it is”?

If you are serious and sick of being stuck, contact me and I will explain and guide you with life assuring Feng Shui guidance to ensure peace of mind and be unstuck!

This is another great question and very easy to answer. If life is getting tougher by the day, then you know, it is time to shift. I am just pointing out and want to help you to become aware not to let the energies in your space to control you or allow it to go against you. You deserve complete freedom and happiness, so I encourage you to make a shift. I am here for you.

Declutter any space does improve and inspire peace of mind, and the good news is “You don’t need Feng Shui to accomplish this”. In fact, decluttering DOES NOT belong to the art of Feng Shui. Many schools and consultants lumped this practice to Feng Shui to make more money! When a Feng Shui Consultant does not have in-depth knowledge on Feng Shui, they will find all kinds of reasons to blame. Decluttering is a personal preference to turn a space to be neat and orderly, so one can achieve a peace of mind. Energies does not stop flowing just because there’s an object in the way!

With today’s digital world, I can be reached anytime via email, Facebook, mobile 24/7.

I understand, it is guaranteed that you will have many questions and concerns, I AM HERE FOR YOU!

This is a million dollar question, and the answer is quite simple and straightforward. Firstly, the main door of any given space must have auspicious or supportive energies. The energies of the main door are the first entry point to shine or illuminate the essence of life itself.

Next, the position of the stove is another attribute towards good health and career and finance.

Thirdly, the position of your bed. This simple feature cannot be taken lightly as it will affect both your well-being, finance and relationships with people. Furthermore, your work desk is just as important as the features mentioned above. It is obvious that everyone aims to be successful in their career. Hence, when your work desk is positioned with supportive energies, it is a given that the success rate is more favorable.

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